diagnosisThe same way medical field use blood tests, brain MRI or CT Scan or other to diagnose a medical state, mental health field do have special psychological tests to provide diagnosis for a person’s abilities and personality and develop an appropriate treatment plan.

Several measurement instruments are used to achieve this goal: questionnaires, tests, and personality assessments. These measurements instruments are not to label, but to solve. They help to identify areas of strength and weakness. For example, intelligence tests are not a measure of how smart someone is but they show a person’s intellectual potential.

As clinical Psychologist, I provide psychometric services for children, teenagers and adult. Furthermore, I have the rights to use tests from the original publisher and have the eligibility to use them.

The main aim is to get deep vision about:

  • Neuro-psychological Functions
  • Intellectual and cognitive functions
  • Psycho-affective development
  • Personality and behaviour

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