learning support
Learning difficulties always have a negative impact on self-esteem and self-confidence. It might destroy the social aspect of a children and teenagers, especially because it get worse with age. That’s why it is necessary for educators and parents to take any weaknesses seriously and to seek professional help. An appropriate treatment can help children and teenagers to overcome such a challenges.

Learning difficulties are defined as having a weakness in: Calculations; Writing; Reading; Spelling; Memorising; Comprehension; Visualising. However, these weaknesses can co-exist with other types of disorders, such as: Hyperactivity; Attention Deficit (ADHD); Executive function disorders; Depression; Anxiety; OCD; etc.

Good treatment is only accomplished after having made an accurate diagnosis. This is why the administration of a series of scientific, standardised and individually administered test is necessary. These tests can include an assessment and measurement of intelligence (IQ), memory and concentration, etc.

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